List Product

List your SaaS products in AWS Marketplace, fully managed by Suger on your behalf.


You can list your SaaS products in AWS Marketplace, so your clients can use their AWS commit budget to buy your services.

Listing Steps

  1. Plan your Pricing Model. More details can be found here.
  2. Visit the AWS Marketplace management portal for SaaS products, click the button Create saas product, select the Contract or Subscription based on your pricing model.
  1. Fill the forms with the product & pricing infos. Here requests your extra attention: for the field SaaS URL, please type in instead of your product Signup URL.
  1. Once finish & submit the Create saas product form, the AWS Marketplace team will review your product. It may take 1 week to get approved.
  2. Set up your service Signup URL. Suger will automatically sync with AWS Marketplace and pull all your listed products info. You may see all your products on Suger Console Product page. Select the product listed in the previous steps, and click the buttion EDIT in Product Info section. Fill your product Signup URL in the input field of Fullfillment URL, and click SAVE.

Buyer Signup URL Redirect

  1. After purchasing the product, your buyer is directed to first,
  2. Then it is redirected to your service Signup URL with query param sugerEntitlementId=1234abcd, for example, https://your-product-signup-url?sugerEntitlementId=1234abcd.
  3. Your service need to collect this sugerEntitlementId and connect it with the account created by the buyer.
  4. More details can be found here.