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Learn about Suger's latest integrations, features & updates.

  • Support to select the entitlement term when adding credit to entitlement
  • Support cosell with Microsoft Partner Center Suger Cosell with Microsoft Partner
  • Support custom flexible filters on tables
  • Support enforced SSO for specified Identity Provider, such Azure AD, OKTA.
  • New version of email notification for private offer pending acceptance. support to track email open.
  • Support IAM role with assumeRole in the AWS ACE integration.
  • Support products, private offers & pricing sync from GCP Marketplace Producer Portal.
  • Migrate & Launch AWS Marketplace Beta API to create / cancel private offers
  • Support frictionless Metronome integration to automate the usage metering to all cloud marketplaces.
  • Support auto scheduler for payment installments when creating private offer.
  • Support AWS Marketplace Beta API.
  • Support OKTA SSO via OIDC or SAML.
  • Support Usage Metering Verification on AWS & GCP.
  • Support Usage Metering & Revenue Records filter by Partner or Buyer.
  • Add separate revenue page for insights of revenue data.
  • Support to update Custom Meta Info in offer & entitlement.
  • Support commit with additional usage at list price for AWS & Azure Marketplaces.
  • Support API Key as Suger API Auth method.
  • Support to disable auto sync with AWS MDFS or MCAS.
  • Support to disable auto usage metering report to AWS Marketplace.
  • Support to delete the usage record group if it is in status of "CREATED" or "INVALID".
  • Fix the bug to cancel AWS Marketplace Private Offer.
  • Advanced features for private offers in AWS & Azure cloud marketplaces:
    1. Support custom EULA for AWS Marketplace private offer.
    2. Support new custom commit for AWS Marketplace private contract offer.
    3. Support draft offer for both AWS & Azure marketplaces.
    4. Support cancel private offers on both AWS & Azure marketplaces.
  • Support editing of picklist field mapping for cosell with cloud
  • Support commit with additional usage metering for AWS & Azure Marketplaces
  • Support webhook scope configuration. The ISV/Seller can specify the products for which they want to receive webhook notifications about events.
  • Support metering dimension conversion. With this update, ISVs/Sellers now have the ability to decouple their own metering system from cloud marketplaces, giving them more flexibility to easily update dimensions and prices.
  • Co-sell with AWS Partner Network ACE, enable bi-directional sync opportunities between Salesforce & AWS ACE.
  • Support automated Email notifications to buyers when the create offer is in status of pending_acceptance.
  • Support integration with Salesforce to bi-direction sync leads & opportunities. See the Salesforce Documentation.
  • Refactor Azure Marketplace integration to support OAuth user+app authentication, so suger service is capable to bi-direction sync referrals to Microsoft partner center.
  • Add slack integration, now sellers can receive notifications in the slack workspace.
  • Upgrade advanced search functions in Suger console tables.
  • Suger has completed the review and got approved by the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), now we are proud of being AWS Partner Qualified Software. 🎉 🎊  AWS Partner Logo
  • Suger SOC 2 Type I audit is completed 🎉 🎊
  • Add docs for AWS Marketplace Pricing Model & Private Offer
  • Support of creating AWS private offers & agreement-based private offer via Suger console & API
  • Add support of creating Azure Marketplace private offers in Suger Console & API
  • Add docs for Azure Marketplace Pricing Model & Private Offer
  • Refactor the json viewer in Suger Console
  • Add support of editing GCP Marketplace integration
  • [Fix bug] create AWS Marketplace private offer in Suger Console
  • Support Usage Credit for AWS, Azure & GCP Marketplaces
  • Add security page
  • Start SOC 2 Compliance process
  • AWS Reinvent @ Las Vegas

     Suger at AWS Reinvent Las Vegas 
  • Azure Marketplace Revenue Report
  • Azure Marketplace n2n integration completed
  • Support GCP Marketplace Private Offer
  • First team offsite in Lake Tahoe ☃️ 🏂
  • GCP Marketplace n2n integration completed
  • Suger is accepted by YC W23 batch 🎉 🎊