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Migrate to Suger, Easy & Risk-Free

Migrate your cloud marketplace integrations and operations to Suger seamlessly, Risk Free & No Extra Fee


We have received feedback from several ISV/Sellers who are dissatisfied with the current cloud marketplace solutions available to them, whether in-house or from third-party providers like Tackle. They have expressed their appreciation for Suger as a better alternative. However, many are concerned about migrating to a new solution, as they don't want to risk disrupting their current revenue channel. In this post, we aim to address the most common concerns we have heard and provide reassurance to those considering a switch to Suger.

Common Concerns

Here are Top 3 common concerns we have heard from ISV/Sellers:

😢 Current marketplace listings have to be delisted first
No, your current listings will not be impacted in any way. There is no need to delist your existing products, and you can continue to create private offers and close deals throughout the entire migration process and after the migration is complete.
💔 Lose historical sales & revenue data
All ground truth data is stored in your cloud marketplaces. Once the integration is complete, Suger can retrieve all of your historical private offers, entitlements, revenue, and usage data. This means that no sales or revenue data will be lost during the migration process.
🚫 Break period I can't close new deals
Nope, There is no break or shutdown period during the cloud marketplace integration migration process. You can continue to close new deals at any time while migrating, and your existing active contracts will not be impacted.

Migration Steps, Risk Free & No Extra Cost

  1. Integrate cloud marketplaces with Suger
    1. 1 ~ 2 hours, no engineering work
    To grant Suger access to your cloud marketplaces, no engineering work is required. Once this is done, Suger will automatically sync all historical and current listings, private offers, entitlements, revenue, and usage data from your cloud marketplaces. You will have visibility from day one. The integration won't impact your existing cloud marketplace solution and will remain passive and read-only at this stage.
  2. Migrate usage metering to Suger API (optional)
    1. This step is only required by usage metering. If your product pricing model is not usage-based, you can skip it.
    1. 1 ~ 2 weeks, need software engineering support
    You can start to report your real-time usage metering to Suger Metering API at any time after the previous step. More details can be found here.
  3. Change signup redirect to Suger endpoint
    1. ~1 hour, no engineering work
    Update the technical integrations of your current product listings in the cloud marketplaces. After completing this step, all sign-ups from existing and new clients in the cloud marketplaces will be directed to Suger's API and then redirected to your sign-up page.
  4. Sunset your in-house or third-party solution
    1. up to you, can be a few clicks or simple shut down of services
    After completing all previous steps and conducting end-to-end tests with Suger, you can sunset your in-house or third-party solution (such as Tackle).

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about migrating to Suger, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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