All-In-One to Sell and Cosell on Cloud Marketplaces

One platform to manage product listing, offer, contracts, metering & billing crossing top 5 cloud marketplaces, so you can grow your cloud revenue without limits.

How Suger works

Faster List, No Code

List your products in cloud marketplaces as quick as 3 days, without any engineering effort. We can also customize the landing page so that you can get your products in front of customers ASAP.

Time taken to get listed on different cloud providers

Flexible Pricing

Providing you with flexibility in how you choose to monetize your products, either a flat rate, annual commitment, monthly subscription, usage-based, seat-based, or a combination of commitment and usage-based pricing.

Suger pricing options

With Your Metering

Suger works together with your current metering/billing service, no need of migration. It can be your build-in-house solution or a third party metering platform, such as Metronome, Chargebee, Amberflo, Octane, m3ter, salesbricks, stigg or lago.

Suger metering integrations

Co-sell on Cloud

Bi-directional sync opportunities between your CRM with cloud providers, leverage their expertise and resources to help drive sales, reach new markets and customers that you may not have been able to reach on your own.

CRM and cloud integrations for Suger

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