Easy Way to Sell on All Cloud Marketplaces

One platform to manage product listing, offer, contracts, metering & billing crossing top five cloud marketplaces, so you can grow your B2B revenue without limits.

How Simple Works

Manage ALL marketplaces in ONE place

All In One

Support your B2B sales in one platform no matter where you want to sell.

Fast Integration

Integrate Marketplaces via Suger within few weeks instead of 6+ months by yourself.

Zero Operation

Suger take care of all maintainence & operation after integration.

Automated Contract

The lifecycle of your contracts is managed automatically & correctly, including renew, plan change & upsell.

Unified Metering

Single metering API covers all pricing models cross multi cloud marketplaces. Simple & Developer Friendly.

Developer Friendly

Standard & Simplified API Design, full documentation & examples to guide.

Trusted by fast growing companies

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