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Meet Suger at the AWS Summit New York!

We're thrilled to announce that Suger will be participating in the AWS Summit in New York on July 10, 2024, at the Javits Center! This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with industry leaders, share insights, and demonstrate how Suger can revolutionize your business growth in the cloud marketplace.


Empowering Your Business with Suger

At Suger, we empower businesses by simplifying cloud marketplace integrations and optimizing co-sell processes. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to quickly list, manage, and sell products on leading cloud marketplaces like AWS, Azure, and GCP. This enables rapid revenue growth without requiring extensive engineering resources.

Powerful Platform

Suger's API-first design ensures seamless integration with AWS, Azure, and GCP, eliminating the complexities of manual integration. This allows you to list products faster and start generating revenue sooner. Our unified APIs significantly reduce the time and cost associated with marketplace integrations, allowing your engineers to focus on your core product. Want to see a demo? Check it out here.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our platform integrates workflows and enables real-time data sharing, streamlining the management of co-sell leads and private offers. This fosters stronger partnerships and better outcomes, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and informed throughout the sales process. 

Quick Setup Process

With Suger, you can seamlessly list your products on AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplaces within four weeks, without needing any engineering resources. Our API-first approach ensures effortless connectivity with your CRM, billing, and other essential tools. Learn more in our Get Started Docs.

Efficient Private Offers

Suger enables the staging, tracking, and sending of private offers with automated email and Slack notifications for all stakeholders. This feature simplifies the management of private deals, ensuring timely communication and streamlined processes.

Enhanced Lifecycle Management

Our platform supports the entire lifecycle of opportunities, simplifying upsell and renewal processes to maximize customer value. With real-time visual analytics, Suger provides accurate insights into revenue and sales performance through comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools.

Automating Core Workflows

Suger automates the core workflow for cross-functional teams, allowing them to manage sales and revenue on cloud marketplaces efficiently. By reducing the friction of introducing new processes, we increase internal buy-in and enable seamless operations.

Unified Integration

Each cloud marketplace has its own APIs, pricing models, and requirements, leading to bespoke integrations and maintenance. Suger's unified layer atop various marketplaces ensures your engineers don't have to maintain separate data pipelines, significantly reducing tech debt and operational complexity.

CRM Integration

Suger integrates with your CRM to maintain a single system of record, ensuring all data is centralized and accessible. Our open APIs also allow for easy linkage to your internal database, further simplifying data management.

Join Us at the AWS Summit!

We invite you to meet the Suger team at the AWS Summit New York. Discover cutting-edge GTM success and revenue growth strategies in the cloud marketplace and learn how Suger can accelerate your business growth. Let's Connect!

See you in NYC! 🚀

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