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Orb Orb

Automate the usage metering from Orb to all cloud marketplaces.


If you're currently dependent on Orb for your metering and billing services and are aiming to grow your presence in cloud marketplaces, Suger presents the perfect solution to bridge this transition. Through our no-code, fully automated integration, you can effortlessly measure usage within your existing Orb setup and allocate it to clients across various cloud marketplaces. This integration eliminates the necessity for migration or complex engineering work, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free process.

Create Integration

In your Suger Console Integration, you will see the Orb integration connection. Click the Connect button to create an integration with your Orb instance. This will open an dialog for you to input

  • API Key: The Orb API key can be issued in the Orb's console. Here is the auth guidance.
  • Billing Mode: quantity or amount. If it is quantity, Suger fetch & report the billable metrics by quantity. If it is amount, Suger fetch & report the billable metrics by amount/cost.

Once the integration process is finished, you can proceed by clicking the VERIFY button. This action triggers the Suger service to test the connection to the APIs of your Orb instance. If everything is configured correctly, the integration status will be updated as VERIFIED.

Edit Integration

Editing an existing Orb integration is supported. Click the Edit button to open the dialog of editing Orb integration as shown below.

  • Enable Auto Report Usage. You can choose to enable or disable the automatic usage report feature for Orb. Enabling this feature allows Suger to run an daily cron job to retrieve the daily aggregated subscription usages or costs from Orb and report them as UsageRecordGroups to the Suger metering API. On the other hand, disabling this feature means that no cron job will be scheduled for this purpose.
  • Billing Mode: quantity or amount. If it is quantity, Suger fetch the billable metrics by quantity. If it is amount, Suger fetch the billable metrics by amount/cost.
  • Plans. All available price plans in your Orb instance. The source dimension keys with the price for each type of price plans can be found here.
  • Billable Metrics. The full list of billable metrics fetched from Orb for all available Orb customers. It is auto fetched from Orb, not editable.

Delete Integration

The Orb integration can be deleted like all other integrations. Once the deletion is triggered, all integration info including the API Key will be deleted immediately & permanently from Suger. No time window or methods to recover.

Billing Mode

There are two billing modes available for Suger-Orb integration: quantity and amount. The following instructions detail how to configure the source dimension keys in metering dimension conversion for each mode separately.

  Price Example quantity amount
  • compute: $0.02/unit
  • storage: $0.03/unit
  • compute: $0.02/unit
  • storage: $0.03/unit
  • orb: $1/unit
  • compute: $0.02/unit in range[0, 100)
  • compute: $0.01/unit in range[100, ∞)
  • compute_tiered_0: $0.02/unit
  • compute_tiered_100: $0.01/unit
  • orb: $1/unit
  • compute: $0.03/unit up to 100
  • compute: $0.02/unit up to 200
  • compute: $0.01/unit up to ∞
  • compute_bulk_100: $0.03/unit
  • compute_bulk_200: $0.02/unit
  • compute_bulk_0: $0.01/unit
  • orb: $1/unit
  • compute: $0.2 per 100 unit
  • compute_package_100: $0.2/unit
  • orb: $1/unit
  • 🚫 not supported
  • orb: $1/unit
  • compute us-west-1 gcp: $0.01/unit
  • compute us-west-1 aws: $0.02/unit
  • compute us-west-2 gcp: $0.03/unit
  • compute us-west-2 aws: $0.04/unit
  • compute__matrix__us-west-1__gcp: $0.01/unit
  • compute__matrix__us-west-1__aws: $0.02/unit
  • compute__matrix__us-west-2__gcp: $0.03/unit
  • compute__matrix__us-west-2__aws: $0.04/unit
  • orb: $1/unit
  • If quantity is selected as the Billing Mode, please ensure all source dimension keys in your price plans have been mapped to their respective cloud marketplace dimensions in the Metering Dimension Conversion.
  • If amount is selected as the Billing Mode, please ensure the source dimension key orb is mapped to the cloud marketplace dimensions.
  • Orb Auto Fetch & Report Job: In case any billable metrics from Orb cannot be successfully converted to metering dimensions in the cloud marketplace, it may result in the entire Orb auto fetch and report job failing.
  • If you notice any discrepancies or missing usage reporting, please verify whether this is caused by incomplete mapping of billable metrics to cloud marketplace dimensions. If so, rectify the mapping accordingly to ensure accurate reporting.

Connect Orb Customer

To enable Suger to fetch and report the billable metrics of Orb Customers to the appropriate entitlements in Cloud Marketplace, you need to connect the Buyer in Suger with the corresponding Customer in Orb. Simply click the Edit button in the Buyer and add the corresponding Orb Customer ID. This setup only needs to be done once; afterward, Suger's service will automatically retrieve the latest billable metrics and report them to the correct Cloud Marketplace entitlements.

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