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There are two pricing models for the SaaS product in Azure marketplace: Flat Rate and Per User. You can choose only one price model for each of your SaaS product offer. Only the Flat Rate model support optional usage-based pricing.

  1. After your offer/product is published, you cannot change the pricing model. In addition, all plans for the same offer must share the same pricing model.

Flat Rate

Enable access to your service with a single monthly or annual flat rate price. This is sometimes referred to as site-based pricing. With this pricing model, you can optionally define metered plans that use the marketplace metering service API to charge customers for usage that isn't covered by the flat rate. You should also use this option if usage behavior for your SaaS service is in bursts. Below is an example of Flat Rate plan.

  • Two billing terms: 1-month and 1-year with different prices.
  • One usage metering dimension consumption_unit with price $0.1 per unit.
  • For 1-month billing term, 990 of consumption_unit are already included in base, which means that the first 990 unit of usage metering won't charge the buyer for extra payment.
  • For 1-year billing term, 10000 of consumption_unit are included in base.
Flat Rate

Per User

Enable access to your service with a price based on the number of users who can access the offer or occupy seats. With this user-based model, you can set the minimum and maximum number of users supported by the plan. You can create multiple plans to configure different price points based on the number of users. Below is an example of Per User plan.

  • There billing terms: 1-month, 1-year and 2-year with different prices per user.
  • Set minimum number of users as 5. Not maximum users limit.
  • The 2-year billing term is set with per year payment option instead of the default one-time.
Per User

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