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Suger Connector 0.6


  • Version: 0.6 (04t6S000001UwT8QAK)
  • Release Date: 2023-12-30

Direct installation link: Sandbox | Production

What's new:

  1. Added postal code validation when sharing with ACE.
  2. Fixed incorrect picklist values for ACE "Sales Activities".
  3. Referral (Suger) flexipage improvement.
  4. General bug fixes.

Notes for Upgrading from Older Versions

Due to Salesforce packaging limitations, we could not automatically upgrade everything. Please complete the upgrade by following the post-installation setup steps below.

Update Global Value Set - AWS Sales Activities

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search for "picklist" in Quick Find box.
  3. Look for "AWS Sales Activities" and click on its name (NOT the Edit link).
  4. Locate "Finalized Deployment Needs" and click Edit.
  5. Change both Label and API Name to Finalized Deployment Need (remove the ending "s").
  6. Click Save.