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Suger Connector 0.13


  • Version: 0.13 (4t6S000001UwYnQAK)
  • Release Date: 2024-02-08

Direct installation link: Sandbox | Production

Release Note

  1. Custom Suger widget (Suger Opportunity Quick Panel) on Opportunity. This panel is designed to replace the previous Share via Suger and Create Private Offer quick actions.
  2. Managed Lightning Pages for all Suger objects. The detail card on the left and the action panel on the right are both managed by Suger code, allowing information to be rendered more flexibly and future upgrading can be done without Admin configuration.
  3. Support creating CPPO.
  4. Support sending notifications on the Offer detail page.
  5. Support accepting inbound referrals without creating new opportunities.
  6. Upsell / Renew button on Entitlement as a shortcut to create a new offer based on an existing entitlement.

Upgrading Guide

Step 1 - Install the Latest Package

Obtain the latest version from AppExchange or the direct link.

Step 2 - Enable the Suger Widget on Opportunity Lightning Page

Edit the Opportunity Lightning Record Page.

On the left, locate the “Suger Opportunity Quick Panel” component:

Drag and drop the component to your location.

Step 3 - (Optional) Remove the Legacy “Share via Suger” Quick Action

If you previously enabled the “Share via Suger” quick action, you can remove it now, as the Suger Widget will provide all entry-points to Suger functionalities.