Integrate with Salesforce CRM to bi-direction sync leads & opportunities


Suger can sync with your Salesforce and easily publish selected opportunities to other partners like the APN Customer Engagements Program.

Create Integration

We use OAuth 2.0 Web Server Flow for communication with Salesforce.

Before you start, make sure you have a Salesforce Account that has the API access. It's recommended to create a new user that is dedicated for integration purpose. Learn more details at Create a secure Salesforce API user.

Please note:

  1. This use should use the "Salesforce" license, or any other licenses that you can control the access to the Salesforce Standard Object permissions. E.g., a "Chatter" or "Identity" license will not work.
  2. This user should be a normal user which you can login on Salesforce's web UI. An "API-only" user cannot be used with the OAuth process.
  3. This user should at least have the following access:

Once you have the account, go to the "Integrations" page in your Suger Console, locate "Salesforce" and click "Connect":

Note that if you are just playing around with a sandbox instance, remember to check "This is a sandbox instance".

A new window will pop up to verify your identity:

Click "Allow" to grant Suger access. After successfully logging in, the window will disappear and the "Status" will become "CREATED".

Now locate the integration in the "Integrations" table, and click "Verify". We will attempt to read a few records to ensure the integration is ready. Once confirmed, the status will turn into "VERIFIED", and you are all set!

View Opportunities

Suger fetches your Salesforce opportunities regularly, and you can view them in the Co Sell page on the left to view the items and share them to your cloud partners.

Delete Integration

To delete the integration, simply click the 🗑️ button in the "Integrations" list. We will remove any credentials in our system.

You can also revoke all access by going to your Salesforce Setup page -> Connected Apps OAuth Usage, click the "User Count" which is normally "1", and then click "Revoke" or "Revoke All".