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Usage Credit

Give usage credits to your clients in cloud marketplaces


The ISV sellers can offer usage credits (in amount, default currency USD) to their clients (buyers) in the active Entitlements of all marketplaces. It provides flexibility for your sales or revenue operation team to customize deal & incentives.

  • The Suger Usage Credit is applicable ONLY for usage-based metering. If the Entitlement has no usage-based metrics defined, the Usage Credit has no effect at all.
  • If your current metering service supports the credit, don't use it together with Suger Usage Credit, otherwise it may result in double credits.

Billing Priority

Credit is just one of multiple available incentives. For example, In Azure Marketplace, each metering metric can have included quantity or even infinite included quantity. In GCP Marketplace, the metric may have free tiered quantity. In addition, some Entitlements are type of commit + usaged-based combined, which has commit amount to consume. To eliminate confusion, they are ordered by their billing priorities in the table below. The Suger Credit is consumed first, then Commit, and the Included Quantity is the last.

1stSuger CreditThe rest usage records after Included Quantity are applied with Suger Credit in amount. It depends on the order of usage records are received in Suger metering API.
2ndCommitApplicable if the Entitlement has commit amount (for AWS & GCP) or Flat_Rate (for Azure)
3rdIncluded Quantity
  • AWS Marketplace: Not applicable
  • Azure Marketplace: Included Quantity or Infinite Included
  • GCP Marketplace: Tiered Free Quantity

Add Credit

There are two approaches to add credit to the Entitlement: Suger Console or Suger API.

  • The Suger Usage Credit amount must be positive.
  • You are only allowed to add the Usage Credit amount via the Suger Console or API. No opening to revert or decrease the amount. If you would like to decrease the Usage Credit amount for any reasons, please contact us support@suger.io for support operation.
  1. Suger Console
    Go to the page of Entitlement where you want to add the credit, and scroll down to the section of Entitlement Terms. Click the button Add credit, select the target Entitlement Term (optional), input the credit amount in the dialog and submit.
  2. Suger API
    Use the addEntitlementCredit REST API to add the credit amount. The request payload would be like:
    Payload of addEntitlementCredit request
    {     "organizationID": "your-suger-organization-id",     "entitlementID": "suger-entitlement-id",     "entitlementTermID": "suger-entitlement-term-id", // Optional     "creditAmountIncrement": 100.0,}

    The success response would be:
    Payload of addEntitlementCredit response
    {     "organizationID": "your-suger-organization-id",     "entitlementID": "suger-entitlement-id",     "entitlementTermID": "suger-entitlement-term-id",     "creditAmountIncrement": 100.0,     "newCreditAmount": 150.0, // new total credit amount, assume there was $50.0 before addEntitlementCredit.}