Signup URL Redirect

Buyers Signup URL on Marketplaces goes to Suger first, then redirect to your service Signup URL.


When the buyers purchased your product in one marketplace (AWS, Azure or GCP), they would get a link to set up or register the account on your service website. The link will be directed to the Suger endpoint, after decoding and processing, it will be redirected to your service signup URL.

How it works

  1. You provide Suger with your service signup URL, for example, https://your-service-signup-url.
  2. When a buyer purchased your service in the marketplace, they get a link sent to Suger endpoint{partner}/orgId/{orgId}, where the partner can be aws, azure or gcp, and the orgId is your Suger Organization ID.
  3. Suger will take care of several interactions (including decode token, register entitlement & buyer info, etc.) and will resolve to a Suger Entitlement ID.
  4. Suger redirects the buyer to https://your-service-signup-url?sugerEntitlementId=entitlement-id.
  5. You can now collect the sugerEntitlementId, and connect it to the buyer's account. The ID can be used to fetch detailed Entitlement & Buyer info from the Suger API, and meter usage records as well.