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Inbound Referral

Manage inbound referrals shared by partners

Suger Console - Co-sell Inbox

In Suger Console, the Co-sell Inbox tab is the place to check all inbound referrals from cloud partners.

Click on any item from the list to check the details:

You can accept the referral by clicking the Accept button on the top right:

The pop-up will guide you through the process to:

  1. Select an Account (company).
    If there is no existing account you would like to use, you can also create a new one right in the dialog.
  2. Populate the opportunity detail. Most fields will be auto-populated if you have configured the field mappings & templates.
  3. Click Submit.

Suger will create the opportunity in your CRM, and notify the cloud partner that we would like to accept this referral, with the associated CRM record ID.

Contact Information of AWS Referrals

  • The contact information will be shared 10-30min after you accepted it.
  • Upon receiving the contact info, we will automatically create the contact in your CRM
    • Before creation, we will check if a contact with the same last name and email address already exists for this Account/Company. If yes, then we will skip it.
    • After creation, we will also assign the Contact Role (Salesforce) or Association Type (HubSpot) as you configured in the field mappings.
    • To disable this behavior, set the SyncMode of contacts to None so we don't create/edit any contacts.

Using Suger Connector in Salesforce

All incoming referrals will be created as the "Referral (Suger)" records in your Salesforce, and you can check the list by going to the "Referrals (Suger)" tab.

To accept the referral, click on any of the pending acceptance ones, and click the Accept button on the top right.

First, select or create an opportunity:

Then, click next and fill in the form to create the opportunity:

By default, the Account/Opportunity creation form only includes the fields that you have configured field mapping on Suger Console. To add more fields without field mapping, please ask your Salesforce Admin to configure the Creation from Referral Field Sets for Opportunity/Account.