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What is Suger

Suger can help you list and sell on cloud marketplaces - AWS, Azure & GCP

We’re bringing a software heavy approach to help B2B companies of all systems and maturity list and sell on AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplaces.

Unified APIs to shorten the time for an ISV, list at 5x less the time and 10x less the cost

We take the tech debt out of marketplace sales so that you can focus your engineering efforts on your core product.

And if you’re ready to list on multiple channels, it’s important to realize each marketplace has their own APIs, pricing models, requirements, leading to bespoke integrations and maintenance. Because we’ve invested into a unified layer atop the various marketplaces, your engineers don’t have to maintain separate data pipelines.

Learn more about technical onboarding in our Get Started docs.

Automates the core workflow for cross functional teams, to manage sales & revenue on cloud marketplaces

Many cross-functional teams are required to stand up and properly leverage the cloud to sell more. After the initial set-up / integration, there needs to be a designated Alliances lead to quarterback the channel, and enable internal operations. Reducing friction from introducing a new wrinkle in the fold is key to increasing internal buy-in on cloud marketplaces.

Through our platform, partnership lead can send private offers, sales can run sales plays based on metered usage, revops/finance can reconcile marketplace rev w/ their billing tool, and run analyses to better understand channel patterns. Imagine running a traditional sales motion without a sales tools. It traditionally looks like 20 different google sheets with tons of manual processes and data discrepancies. The same goes for marketplace sales.

Suger also integrates to your CRM to maintain your system of record in one place and open APIs to link to your internal database.

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