Learn about Suger's latest integrations, features & updates.

  • Suger SOC 2 Type I audit is completed šŸŽ‰ šŸŽŠ
  • Add docs for AWS Marketplace Pricing Model & Private Offer
  • Support of creating AWS private offers & agreement-based private offer via Suger console & API
  • Add support of creating Azure Marketplace private offers in Suger Console & API
  • Add docs for Azure Marketplace Pricing Model & Private Offer
  • Refactor the json viewer in Suger Console
  • Add support of editing GCP Marketplace integration
  • [Fix bug] create AWS Marketplace private offer in Suger Console
  • Support Usage Credit for AWS, Azure & GCP Marketplaces
  • Add security page
  • Start SOC 2 Compliance process
  • AWS Reinvent @ Las Vegas

  • Azure Marketplace Revenue Report
  • Azure Marketplace n2n integration completed
  • Support GCP Marketplace Private Offer
  • First team offsite in Lake Tahoe ā˜ƒļø šŸ‚
  • GCP Marketplace n2n integration completed