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Why Suger

No matter what size your SaaS business is now, we have a solution that scales to your needs

Getting Listed

Skip the developer guides and access the fastest growing channel with minimal lift

List on AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba marketplaces

Within 2 weeks. GCP within 4-6 weeks

No Engineering Resources Needed

Do it yourself in an hour!

Custom-created landing page

Eliminate the work for your marketing team


Bring cloud GTM to your systems. Integrate to CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot) to accelerate co-sell with cloud providers and engage your sellers.

Integrate your CRM and partner portals

and bring cloud GTM to your sellers

Enable field mapping

and avoid the manual work

Native within Salesforce

by downloading our managed package, available on ISV/Appexchange

Acces Enterprise Revenue Stream with Private Offers

Simple UI to streamline quote-to-cash on marketplace and automate post sales workflows

Stage, track, and send private offers

Notify stakeholders with automated emails and slacks

Notify key internal stakeholders

and external buyers with automated e-mails and slacks

Integrate to unified API

across all cloud marketplaces

Manage entire lifecycle of opportunity

with easy upsell and renewals

Activate Product Led Growth

Embed cloud marketplace into your existing self service model

Embed cloud billing

To your self service sign-up flow

Receive offer details

for visibility into your buyer to bill through marketplace

Convert to a credits model

Map usage dimensions easily for changing pricing models

Monitor listing sign-ups and trials

Identify opportunities for bigger commit deals

Metering, Billing, Reporting

Report on key metrics

unified across all cloud marketplaces

Send metering records

and automate commit and overage billing

Automate finance workflows

and keep revenue recognition simple

Proactively track disbursements and renewals

and keep it unified across multiple systems

Ready to get started ?

We have a generous free tier available to get you started right away.