Suger Connector Installation Guide

Use Suger within Salesforce


Install our Suger Connector Salesforce App and use all Suger functionalities within Salesforce.


Install our latest managed package: Suger Connector 0.5.

If you are using a sandbox, copy the url above and replace "login" with "test".

When installing, please select "Install for All Users".

First-time Setup

After the installation, perform the following steps so that Salesforce and Suger can talk with each other.

Allow Salesforce to Access Suger

  1. Get your Suger Organization ID and API Key
  2. Input the organization ID and key on Suger App.
    1. Go to the Suger app on Salesforce
    2. Go to "Settings" and fill in the required information and click 💾Save
      Please ensure the API Endpoint is and the API Key doesn't contain any trailing spaces.

Allow Suger to Access Salesforce

  1. Prepare a Salesforce user (either new or existing).
  2. Grant it the "Suger Integrator" permission set which is included in the Suger Connector package.
  3. Follow steps at Salesforce Integration to create the connection on Suger Console (
    • If you already set up the Salesforce integration on Suger Console, you don't need to do that again. You only need to assign the "Suger Integrator" permission set to that integrator user.

Enable "Share via Suger" Quick Action

A common use case is to share a Salesforce Opportunity with a co-sell partner. "Share via Suger" is a quick action that can be placed on the top of an opportunity so that users can easily share it.

  1. Go to the layout settings of the target Opportunity Layout.
  2. Find the "Share via Suger" in "Mobile & Lightning Action"
  3. Drag & drop the quick action to the "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions" section below.
  4. Then you will find the "Share via Suger" button on the opportunity record page.

Assign the "Suger User" Permission Set

Lastly, assign the "Suger User" permission set to the target users so that they can see the "Share via Suger" quick action and the "Suger" app.

Start Using Suger Connector

Use Case - Share with AWS

To share an opportunity with AWS:

  1. Click the "Share via Suger" button.
  2. Choose "AWS" (default) and click "Next".
  3. An AWS opportunity creation form will appear. Suger auto-fills most of the fields based on your Salesforce opportunity. Check and then click "Create Referral" at the bottom.
  4. You should see a notification for success:
  5. You can go to the "Referral" record to check the details, such as the APN opportunity ID, the assigned AWS Sales Rep, etc.