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Create Multiparty Private Offer

You can create and manage all of your Azure Marketplace multiparty private offers via Suger Console or API


Multiparty private offers enable partners to collaborate on personalized offers with custom payouts, streamlining the sales process through the Microsoft marketplace. For customers with a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), purchases count toward their commitment if the solutions are eligible. This approach allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to scale and generate repeatable revenue by leveraging Microsoft’s extensive partner ecosystem as an extended sales force. ISVs can quickly create and customize offers to close deals efficiently. The process involves the ISV creating an offer, the selling partner presenting it to the customer, the customer purchasing through the marketplace, and Microsoft paying both the ISV and the selling partner. For more details, refer to the Azure Official Documentation.

How to Create it in Suger Console

Creating a multiparty private offer is 95% similar to creating a private offer. So refer to Create Azure Private Offer. The only difference is that you have to fill out the Partner's seller ID.

  1. Click the Create Resale Authorization button.
  2. Fill out the forms.
  3. Click Create button.